Why Is Gol Gumbaz Considered An Acoustic Wonder?

Gol Gumbaz Is A Popular Heritage Structure In The Bijapur District Of Karnataka. It Was Built By The Adil Shahi Dynasty As The Tomb Of The Adil Shahi Ruler Mohammed Adil Shah Under The Expertise Of Architect Yaqut Of Dabul.

The Literal Meaning Of Gol Gumbaz Is ‘Circular Dome’. With The Dome, Minarets And Other Features, The Structure Is A Visual Delight, And Stands As A Perfect Example For The Deccan Style Of Architecture. What Makes The Dome Unique Is It a Whispering Gallery? It Is A Circular Gallery Below The Tomb Where Even The Slightest Whisper Gets Amplified, And Travels A Distance Of More Than 40 Meters!

That Means, Even Sounds Produced In Low Strengths From One End Of The Gallery Can Be Heard At The Other End, Very Clearly. Besides, There Is An Incredible Echo Effect Within The Place. It Enables A Clap To Be Echoed More Than 10 Times!

Today, Gol Gumbaz stands as one of the most significant heritage monuments in India maintained by the Archeological Survey of India. It attracts a steady stream of visitors from far and near due to its spellbinding architecture and unique acoustic features. There is a museum situated near the structure that showcases an interesting collection of paintings, Chinese parchments, carpets, and other artifacts.

Fact: The dome houses the tombs of Muhammad Adil Shah, his two wives, his mistress, his daughter and grandson.

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