Why Is La Grande Arche De La Defense Is A Remarkable Monuments?

La Grande Arche De La Defense Is A Monument In France Dedicated To Humanity And Humanitarian Ideals. Known Simply As La Grande Arche, This Modern Arch Is The Iconic Showpiece Of Paris’ Business District.

It Was Designed By The Danish Architect Johann Otto Von Spreckelsen To Look Like A Giant Hollow Cube, Construction Started In 1985, And The Arch Was Completed In 1989, Just In Time For The Bicentennial Celebration Of The French Revolution. The Concrete Structure Rises To A Height Of 110 Metres, And It Has A width Of 110 Metres. The Sides Are 19 Metres Wide, And Contain Offices And Conference Rooms. The Arch Is Set At A Six Degree Angel.

The Exterior, Which Weighs 300,000 Tonnes, Is Clad In White Carrara Marble, Granite And Glass. Spanned Inside Of The Archway Is A Tent-Like Structure Called The ‘Cloud’. The Cloud Is White Plastic Panels That Are Suspended By Steel Cables To The Sides Of Arch. Its Purpose Is To Reduce Wind Resistance.

Fun Fact: The Grande Arche is constructed as a bridge elevated 110 meters in the air and supported by 12 pillars.

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