Why Is The Giant Bamboo A Plant Wonder?

The Giant Bamboo Is A Grass – But One That Is Unique. To Begin With, It Is The Fastest Growing Plant On Our Planet. A Young Giant Bamboo Can Grow Up To A Metre In Just 24 Hours! Found In Tropical And Subtropical Lands, The Giant Bamboo, Has Hollow Stems, Which Can Reach A Height Of Up To 30.4 Meters.

Because It Is Lightweight, Yet Extremely Strong, The Giant Bamboo Is An Excellent Building Material. It Is Used By Half The World’s People, In Thousands Of Products From Huge Skyscraper Scaffolding To Tiny Gramophone Needles, And From Slide Rules, To Skins Of Aeroplanes. The Unique Grasses Can Be Used To Start A Cooking Fire In A Wet Rainforest, And Its Ashes Can Be Used To Polish Jewels And Manufacture Electric Batteries.

It Is Used In Manufacture Of Bicycles,Windmills,Musical Instruments, And Paper. The Giant Bamboo Is Used To Build Walls Strong Enough To Resist Floods And Tide, And Bridges Up To Resist Flood And Tide, And Bridges Up To 260m Long In China.It Is Truly One Of The Wonders Of The Plant World.

Fact: It Is A Great Soil Conservation Tool. It Greatly Reduces Erosion With A Sum Of Stem Flow Rate And Canopy Intercept Of 25%. This Dramatically Reduces Rain Run-off, Preventing Massive Soil Erosion And Making It Very Earth Friendly.

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