What Makes The Lord’s Media Centre One Of Its Kind?

The Lord’s Media Centre Built On The Lord’s Cricket Ground In London, Is One Of A Kind In That It Uses The Latest Ship Building Technology For A Building. The Building Stands 15 Meters Above The Ground, And Has Only One Window Opening. The Internal Doors Have Rounded Corners Like Those Of Ship’s.

The Lord’s Media Centre Is The First All-Aluminium Semi-Monocoque Building, And Its Aerodycoque Lines Are Highlighted By A Smooth Skinned White Envelope. It Has A Large Glass Front That Is Tilted To Avoid Glare Or Reflections, And Offer Sweeping Views Of The Game To The Media.

The Media Centre Is Divided Into Two Levels, And Has The Capacity To House More Than 100 Journalists In The Lower Level. At The Top Level, There Are Facilities For Radio And Television Broadcasting. Opened In 1999, The Media Centre Has Been Described As Resembling A Digital Alarm Clock, A Barcode Reader, And An Alien Spaceship!

Fact: It Was The First All Aluminium, Semi-Monocoque Building In The World.

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