Why Can The Hydrangea Be A Dangerous Plant?

The Hydrangea Is An Ornamental Shrub With Beautiful, Fragrant Flowers That Can Be Blue,Green,Pink Or Purple. The Flowers Are Also Very Tasty- But They Can Cause A Problem If They Are Eaten. They Can Cause A Problem If They Are Eaten. They Can Give You A Bad Stomach Ache.

The Can Reason Is That This Shrub Contains A Poison Called Cyanogenic Glycoside. Higher Concentrations Of This Poison Are Found In The Leaves And Flowers. If Any Part Of The Plant Is Eaten By Animals, It Causes Vomiting. The Poison Is The Hydrangea’s Defence Mechanism Against Being Eaten By Insects And Animals-And Even Humans.

In Spite Of This, Some People Smoke The Leaves, Because It Gives Them An Intoxicating Feeling. However, This Very Dangerous, Because It Can Cause Death. The Plant Originated In Japan But Is Now Widely Cultivated In Gardens All Over The World. In Most Species The Flowers Are White, But In Some Species (Notably H. macrophylla), Can Be Blue, Red, Pink, Light Purple, Or Dark Purple. In These Species, Floral Color Change Occurs Due To The Presence Of Aluminium Ions Which Are Available Or Tied Up Depending Upon The Soil pH.

Fact:In Asia, Giving Someone Pink Hydrangeas Symbolizes That You Are The Beat To Their Heart.

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