Why Is Angkor Wat Awesome?

Angkor Wat Is An Awesome Temple Complex That Is Believed To Be The Largest Single Religious Building In The World. The City Of Angkor Was, For More Than 500 Years, The Capital Of The Khmer Empire, A Kingdom That Once Ruled Most Of The Indochinese Peninsula.

The Largest And Most Famous Of The Building In The Angkor Complex Was Angkor Wat. It Was Built In The 12th Century By King Suryavarman II, In Honour Of The Hindu God Vishnu. All Of The Religion Motifs In The Original Construction Are Deprived From Hinduism. After Cambodia Converted To Buddhism, It Became A Buddhist Shrine. Many Of The Carvings And Statues Of Hindu Deities That Decorated The Temple Were Replaced By The Buddhist Art.

In Time, Angkor Wat Became One Of The Most Important Pilgrimage Shrines In South-East Asia. This Temple Is Now The Symbol Of Modern Cambodia – In Fact, It Adorns The National Flag Of That Country.In 2007, An International Team Of Researchers Using Satellite Photographs And Other Modern Techniques Concluded That Angkor Had Been The Largest Pre-Industrial City In The World, With An Elaborate Infrastructure System Connecting An Urban Sprawl Of At Least 1,000 Square Kilometres (390 sq mi) To The Well-Known Temples At Its Core.

Star Fact:The Whole Angkor Complex, Of Which Angkor Wat Is The Largest Component, Extend 24 KiloMetres From East To West And 12 Kilometers From North To South.

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