What Is Special About The Silene Stenophylla?

The Silene Stenophylla Is A Flowering Plant Found In Siberia. In 2007, More Than 600,000 Frozen Mature And Immature Seeds Of This Plant Were Found Buried In Squirrel Burrows Near The Banks Of The River Kolyma.

It Is Believed That They Were Buried By Arctic Ground Squirrels During The Ice Age. Using Special Dating Techniques, It Was Determined That The Seeds Were Around 31,800 Years Old.

Scientists Were Also Able To Thaw And Germinate Some Of The Seeds. After More Than 30,000 Years, A Silene Stenophylla Put Forth Pretty White Flowers, And Bore Fruit. This Makes It The Most Ancient, Viable, Multi-Cellular, Living Organism On Earth.

Fun Fact: A Russian Team Discovered A Seed Cache Of Silene Stenophylla.

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