What Is Remarkable About The Pando?

The Pando Is A Clonal Colony Of Quaking Aspen Trees. This Massive Colony Grew From A Single Tree , And Is Spread Over 100 Acres. It Is Located In FishLake National Forest In Utah, USA. There Are Around 47000 Trees That Share A Giant Underground Root System.

The Pando Is Estimated To Have Originated At Least 80000 Years Ago. The Trees Collectively Weigh 6615 Tonnes, Making The Pando Heaviest Living Organism On The Plant, As Well.

This Colony Of Quaking Aspen Trees Is Also Known As The ‘Trembling Giant’. The Name Is Apt, Because The Quaking Aspen Has Leaves That Stir Even In The Gentlest Breeze To Produce A Fluttering Sound.

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