Why Is The Ishtar Gate Unique?

The Ishtar Gate Was Constructed By The Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II, In 575 BC. It Was The Eighth Gate Into The Ancient City Of Babylon, And Unique In Its Architectural Splendour. The Gates Measured More Than 14 Metres In Height, With A Vast AnteChamber On The Southern Side.

The Front Of The Gate Was Adorned With Glazed Bricks With Alternating Rows Of Dragons And Bulls. The Beast Were In Yellow And Brown Tiles, While The Bricks Surrounding Them Were Blue. Through The GateHouse, One Entered The Processional Way, Which Was A Brick-Paved Corridor Over 800 Metres Long, With Walls Over 15 Metres Tall On Each Side.

The Walls Were Adorned With Over 120 Sculptured Lions, And Enamelled Yellow Tiles. The Ishtar Gate Was So Named, Because It Was Dedicated To The Babylonian Goddess Ishtar.

Fact: The Ishtar Gate as Excavated Between 1902 And 1914 AD, During Which 13.5 Metres Of The Original Foundation Of The Gate as Discovered. The Material Excavated Was Used In A Reconstructure Of The Ishtar Gate. This Is Now Displayed At Pergamon Museum In Berlin.

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