Why Is The Colosseum A BreathTaking Example Of Roman Architecture?

The Colosseum Was The Largest Roman Amphitheatre Ever Built. It Was Started By The First Flavian Emperor, Vespasian. The Construction Began In 72 AD, And Did Not Finish During Vespasian’s Reign. Titus, Vespasian’s Successor, Completed The Construction.

The Colosseum Is Built Of Stones And Concrete. It Had Four Main Floors , With Eighty Arches Each . Historian Report That Over 9000 Wild Animals Were Killed In The Inaugural Games.

The Colosseum Could Seat More Than 50000 People, And Was Mainly Used For Gladiator Fights, As Well As For Wild Beast Hunts. Wild Animals Like Lions, Alligators, Elephants, Tigers, Leopard And Giraffes Were Hunted In The Arena In Front Of Excited Spectators. It Is Also Believed That Mock Sea Battles Were Fought, By Filling Up The Arena With Water!

Fact: Free For All! At The Colosseum’s Major Events – Often Those Organised And Paid For By The Emperors Themselves – There Was No Entry Fee. And Free food Was Sometimes Served, Too. Bonus! Emperors Would Use This As A Way To Gain Popularity And Support From The Public.

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