Why Is It Said That Sound Needs A Medium To Pass Through?

We All Hear Different Kinds Of Sound EveryDay , From The Gentle Cries Of Babies To The Loud Noises Of Cracker Bursting. Some Of These Sounds, Especially Of Explosions, Are So Loud That We Cannot But Shut Our Ears Tight In Order To Avoid Them. But We Do Hear Them Very Clearly, Don’t We?

Did You Know That Such Explosions And Collision Of Massive Object Take Place In Outer Space Too? Well, That There Are No Sounds Coming From Them. The Reason Behind This Strange Occurrence Is That There Is No Medium Outside The Earth For Sound Waves To Travel Through.

Outer Space Is The Void That Exist Between Celestial Bodies, Including Earth. It Is A Vacuum Containing Only Low Density Particles. So There Are No Vibrations. Hence Explosions There Are Said To Happen In Silent Mode! Air Is Not The Only Medium Through Which Sound Waves Can Travel. It Can Pass Through Liquid And Solids Too.

Fact: The Most Loudest Natural Sound On Earth Is Caused By An Erupting Volcano.

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