What Is The Oldest Potted Plant?

Cycads Are Tropical Plants That Were On Earth Even Before The Beginning Of The Jurassic Era. In The 1770s, The First Plant Hunter From The Kew Royal Botanical Gardens In London Visited The Eastern Cape Region Of South Africa.

His Name Was Francis Masson,And He Brought Back A Huge Cycad To The Conservatory Of The Kew Gardens. It Has Tall Stout Stem, Topped With A Dense, Upright Crown Of BrightGreen Palm-Like Leaves. The Leaves Are Up To 2.5 Metre In Length. The Plant Is Called The Eastern Cape Giant Cycad, And Is Still Living, Making It The Oldest Potted Plant In The World.

Star Fact: One Of The Fastest Growing Plants Is The Bamboo.Some Varieties Can Grow An Incredible One Metre A Day.

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