What Is Sound?

Sound, In Its Simplest Sense, Is An Energy Made By Vibrations. When An Object Vibrates It Creates A Movement In The Air Particles. These Particles Get In Contact With Others Close To Them, And Make Them Vibrate Too. As This Continues, It Becomes A Bigger Process, With More And More Air Particles Bumping Into Each Other. This Movement Creates What Is Known As Sound Waves. It Keeps Going Until The Object Runs Out Of Energy.

We Hear The Sound When Our Ears Are Within The Range Of The Vibrations. To Understand The Concept Of Waves Better, One Can Picture In One’s Mind, A Stone Being Thrown Into A Still Body Of Water. The Stones Causes The Rings Of Waves To Expand To A Larger Space. Its The Same In The Case Of Sound Too, Just That It Is Caused By Vibrations.

If The Vibration Are Strong And Fast, The Sound Would Be Loud. If They Are Weak Or Slow, It Creates Low Sounds. As We Know, Not All Sound Are Attractive. Some Are Highly Unpleasant Noises. They Are Created By Irregular Repeating Of Sound Waves, Where As Musical Notes Are Created By The Regular Repeating Of The Same.

Fact: Sound Is Used By Many Animals To Detect Danger, Warning Them Of Possible Attacks Before They Happen.

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