Why Is TeoTihuacan Incredible?

TeoTihuacan, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Was The Largest And Most Important City In The Ancient Civilization That Flourished In Mexico, Thousands Of Years Ago. It Is Believed To Have Been Established Around 100 BC. TeoTihuacan Began As A New Religious Centre In The Mexican Highlands.

This Incredible City Had Wide Streets, Markets , Plazas ,Town Squares, And Even Multi-Floor Apartments! The Main Buildings Of The City Were Connected By A Great Street Called The Avenue Of The Dead. This Massive City Had Over Six Hundred Pyramids As Well, That Were Used For Religious Purposes.

The Most Prominent Feature Of TeoTihuacan Was The Pyramid Of The Sun. It Dominated The Central City From The East Side Of The Avenue Of The Dead. In About AD 750, Central TeoTihuacan Was Burnt, Most Probably During A Rebellion, Or A Civil War. Although Parts Of The City Were Occupied After That Event, Much Of It Fell Into Ruin.

Fact: One Of The Greatest Mysteries Of Teotihuacán Is That No One Knows Where The Huge Population That Lived Here Eventually Ended Up. It Is As If They Vanished Without A Trace.

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