What Is Unique About The Creosote Bush?

The Creosote Bush, Also Known As GreaseWood, Is Found In The Warm Desert’s Of The World. In Spring And Summer, These Plants Produce Yellow Flowers. But What Make The Creosote Bush Truly Unique, Is Its Leaves.

The Leaves Are Small, And Are Coated With Natural Oils And Wax To Conserve Water Through Slower Evaporation. During Dry Periods, Creosote Leaves Fold In Half To Cut Their Exposure To The Sun. If There Is Severe Drought, The Creosote Bush Sheds It’s Leaves Entirely, And Remains SomeWhat Dormant Until The Rains Arrive. These Leaves Have Distinctive Pungent Smell That Grows Stronger As Soon As The Summer Rains Start.

Creosote Bushes Produce A Large Number Of Seeds At Each Flowering. It Takes Decades To Grow. Even A Thirty Centimetre High Plant Is Probably At Least Ten Years Old.

FACT: They Only “Breathe” In The Mornings.

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