Why Is The Parthenon The World Greatest Cultural Monument?

The Parthenon Is The Most Important Surviving Building Of Classical Greece. Built Between 447 And 432 BC(Before Christ), It Was A Temple Dedicated To The Goddess Athena, Who Was The Protector Of The City State Of Athens.

It Was Built On Top Of A Hill Called The Acropolis. The Building Was Constructed Using Limestone Foundation And 22000 Tonnes Of Pentelic Marble And It’s Remarkable For Its Perfect Geometry.

Outside The Parthenon, High Up On Its Four Walls, Is A Frieze, Which Consist Of A Series Of Sculptures That Go All Around The Building. These Sculptures Were Cut Out Of The Very Wall’s Of The Building, And Are Considered To Be One Of The Most Wonderful Works Of Art Ever Created.

Star Fact: The Parthenon, One Of The Marvels Of Ancient Greece Gets It Name From A Greek Word That Means “Unmarried Women’s Apartments“!

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