Why Is It Said That We Cannot Imagine A World Without Sound?

Imagine Watching A Thrilling Football Match Without The Commentary, Or The Cheering Of The Audience. Imagine Walking In A Park Without Hearing The Chirping Of Birds, Or The Soothing Sound Of Tree Leaves Rustling. Imagine Listening To A Concert On TV In A Silent Mode.

Would The Experience Be Complete?Never. Nothing In The World Would Be Complete Without Sound, Because It Gives More Life And Energy To EveryThing Around. Its Magical Power Can Be Understood Only In Its Absence.

Of Course, Not All Sound Are Appealing Some Are Highly Disturbing And Irritating. They May Even Give Us Headaches. But Is Sound Only Meant For Entertainment? Certainly Not. Sound Are One Of The Most Important Techniques For Communication. Speed Of Sound Depend On Its Medium, Like In Air It’s 343 m/s , In Water It’s 1480 m/s And In Extensional Steel It’s 5180 m/s.

Fact: Sound Is Music Of Life.

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