How Do Bristlecone Pines Help Us Understand Climate Changes?

Bristlecone Pines Are Incredibly Dense And Resinous Trees. The Wood Of These Trees Grows Very, Very Slowly, And Becomes Extremely Hard Over Time,

Many Bristlecone Pines May Live For Two Or Three Thousand Years. Like All Trees, Bristlecone Pines Have Growth Rings That Give Us A Picture Of The Climate During Its Lifetime.

Once The Trees Is In Its Third Or Fourth Millennium, It Will Die. Even When They Are Dead, These Trees Still Tend To Remain Standing, And Instead Of Rotting, The Wood Hardens Even More. The Pattern In The Growth Of Their Rings Give Us A Peek Into Ancient Climatic Records. The Changes In Bristlecone Growth Pattern Are Giving Researchers Clues About Climate Changes Too.

Fact: The Oldest Living Tree Is Called “Methuselah” And Is 4,765 years Old. This Tree Is Nearly 1,000 Years Older Than Any Other Bristlecone Alive Today.

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