Why Is StoneHenge Remarkable Example Of Prehistoric Architecture?

If You Happen To Visit Wiltshire in England, You Can See One Of The Most Remarkable Examples Of Prehistoric Architecture At StoneHenge. It Is On UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) List Of World Heritage Sites, And Consists Of The Remains Of What Was Once A Ring Of Stones Set Within EarthWorks.

It Is Believed That The Ring Goes Back 3000 Years. To This Day , No One Is Sure About How These Colossal Stones Were Transported, And Why?

Some Believe That StoneHenge Was A Memorial To Commemorate Leaders Of The Nearby Tribes. Other Theories Are That It Was A Site Of A Miracle Healing, Or A Burial Ground.

It Might Also Have Been An Astronomical Observatory To Mark The Winter Solstice. Whatever Its Purpose, It Was Built With A Sophisticated Understanding Of Mathematics And Geometry, As It is Aligned With The Rising And Setting Of The Sun, Which Is Truly Astounding, Considering The Era In It Was Built.

Fact: Those StoneHenge Look Like Calculator In Olden Age.

Complete 360 View Of StoneHenge

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